Day 2 - 32 Book Icons

Happy Sabbath soon saints!

May Jesus give you the ability & power to memorize the 144 scriptures & be ready to give the Loud Cry!
(at least with scripture knowledge)
These are the book icons for this week.
2 Peter - (2 stones)

Isaiah - (6 winged angel)

Luke - (Luke letters made into a man)

32 Book Icons (Watch 3rd)32 Book Icons (Watch 3rd)

Sabbaths can be pretty busy, but there can also be some free time in the afternoon or evening, so if you have time, watch these videos and say the verse, book, chapter, and verse numbers with us on or click on the link below.

You probably will not be able to recall the book, chapter and verse in the review video the 1st couple of days, so press pause & let your mind try to think of them.

This helps strengthen your mind.

And then push play and say it with us, even if you could not think of it. And by the end of the week, you should be able to recall them.

It is saying the verse, book, chapter, and verse number everyday & locking the picture in your memory that stores it in our brains!

If you do not find time to watch the videos on Sabbath, no problem, you can watch them Sunday.

We just finished updating all the videos with the 1st words in the pictures.

If you got a jump drive at GYC and are using it, it will not have the 1st words on the pictures.

You can download the updated version on your computer by going to “Downloads” on the website homepage.

Happy watching and saying the verses & references with us on the videos!


Reminder: We are posting in the evening the day before, so you will have the videos to watch the next day, if you are using BibleRICH for your morning and/or evening worship.

May God bless you!🕊️