Day 1 - 32 Book Icons

We are so excited to help you memorize our SDA doctrines in order to give the Loud Cry for Jesus!

We will begin by learning the book icons for each of the books you will need to know for memorizing the 144 Loud Cry scriptures & they all make sense.

Like Jeremiah is a picture of a prison with a mire dungeon under it because Jeremiah was put down in the dungeon with mire under the prison.

And Psalms is a music note because Psalms means song. It also makes a “P” shape for Psalms.

You will learn all of the 32 book icons in 18:54 min. & have a picture for each book these important 144 verses are in the Bible.

We will post every evening the videos to watch in the next days.

So, tomorrow and/or Friday go to & click on the 32 Book Icons (Watch 3rd) or click on the link below & then click on the message below it in blue.

I hope you have a blessed & beautiful day tomorrow & enjoy watching the video!

32 Book Icons (Watch 3rd)32 Book Icons (Watch 3rd)