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The 1st words are included in the pictures.

Exodus 31 :17
‘It’ is for the sabbath, which is in Exodus 31:16, & is represented with the word ‘it’ & an equal sign to the 7th day for sabbath written on the top of a 1. 
‘is’ is the equal sign. 
‘a sign’ is the square drawn around the top of the 1 with the 7th in it.
‘between me and the children’ is the sign placed ‘between’ the 1 drawn in a man to represent 'God' & a 3 made into ‘children’s’ faces. 
‘of Israel’ is the map of ‘Israel’ with the Mediterranean sea on the left & the Jordan on the right.
‘forever’ is the big 1 in between, you can think looks like an arrow going up to heaven.
‘for in 6 days’ is displayed with ‘6’ suns in the 3s.
‘the Lord’ is the 1 made into a man with his hand out.
‘made’ is the 3 drawn into hands.
‘heaven & earth’ is the 3 drawn with a cloud for ‘heaven’ at the top & the ‘earth’ at the bottom.
‘& on the 7th’ is the ‘7th’ written under the Exodus icon wave.
‘day’ is the sun drawn above, in the top wave.
‘he rested’ is denoted with the man made into a 1 for ‘God resting’ on top of the 7th day.
‘& was refreshed’ you can think of the Exodus icon wave with blue water splashing & ‘refreshing’ God with 2 drops made in the shape of a 3 to remember the only place in the Bible God says He ‘was refreshed' on the sabbath is in Exodus 31.

For verse :17 a royal blue ‘1’ is made on the right exodus icon wave & a royal blue ‘7’ is made on the 7th day.

The scriptures foretell about Jesus’ birth, healing ministry, death, & even Judas betraying him, but there is no prophesy about Jesus’ resurrection causing a huge change of the commandment to rest on the 7th day to begin resting now on the resurrection 1st day.
We use a ‘sign’ when we want to indicate something or identify or convey a meaning. So, the 7th day sabbath identifies ourselves between God & us, He knows we are His, & we know He is ours. He says it is the ‘sign between us’ that we recognize each other forever.