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The 1st words are included in the pictures.

Revelation 20:9
‘And they went up on the breadth of the earth’ is the arrow, that you can think of for ’they’ pointing to the 2 going ’up on the breadth of the earth.’
’& compassed’ is portrayed with the 2 going around the earth made in the shape of a ’0’ for chapter 20.
‘the camp of the saints about, & the beloved city’ you can think of circling around the diamond for ’the camp of the saints' where they are in ’the beloved city,’ that John sees coming down from heaven that also contains the mansions of the righteous.
‘& fire came down’ is the ’fire coming down.’
‘from God’ is the Revelation icon. 
‘out of heaven’ is the cloud.
‘& devoured them’ is the earth with the fire, again, coming down.

For verse :9 a royal blue ‘9’ is drawn on the world on fire.

The resurrection of the unrighteous happens after the 1000 years & then God shows them the judgment of how He tried to save them throughout their life & they rejected Him & His law. And then that is when the fire of the 2nd death devours them.

After the 1000 years  what will happen to the unrighteous after they are resurrected on this earth?